About Counselling

Our first conversation

I always offer a 15 to 30 minute free initial conversation. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and to decide if you think you can work with me. I will be able to decide if my approach and experience seems right for you or whether I should signpost you elsewhere. I aim to be approachable, kind and honest.

What to expect

When I start working with someone I am open-minded about what might happen. I work from a person-centred and humanistic perspective. This means I believe you are the expert in your life. You will be coming to counselling for a reason. I will invite you to explain your situation to me and then support you to get to know yourself more to help you find a way through your current difficulty. I will do this by listening attentively to you. I will ask questions, based on what you are telling me. Where relevant I will provide reassurance based on my knowledge and experience. I will rely on you to tell me what is helping you, making you feel better, and more able to manage. We will work at your pace. I am patient and calm and in our sessions you would be my priority.

Is there a downside?

The process of counselling invites us to explore all parts of ourselves, the good and the bad. Occasionally the process can be challenging. We might feel drained, or more anxious, or emotional than before. If this becomes too difficult, then it might be that this is not the right time. I am experienced in supporting clients through this and will support you throughout.

Talk to ME

Have any more questions? I am always open to talk about counselling, my areas of expertise, and how I can help you.